Our Story

Hive the place to bee had just opened in my neighborhood in the Dimond District in Oakland. The cafe's huge freshly painted walls reminded me about something I hadn't thought of for years; create artwork and hang it up in public. While sipping my iced tea and staring at the beautiful blank walls that day something changed, I needed to do it immediately. The owners, Cali and Bree, liked the idea and wanted to see my artwork. Artwork? I didn't have any. Sometimes it is good to get in a little over your head and this was one of those times. I rushed home to create some artwork and My Town Fan Club was born.

We all have our favorite places – our favorite coffee shop, movie theater, or school. Although many people share the same favorite places, the stories and memories connected to those places are unique. I create designs that reflect these places. I take my own photos and then go home and draw the design in my computer. I use the best inks and heavy duty art paper that retains the bold colors that have become a hallmark of My Town Fan Club prints.

Have a look around the shop and I would love to learn about your favorite places, too. Get in touch and tag your photos #mytownfanclub.

Love where you live!